CONSTRUCTION & Agriculture nETS​

Scaffolding Safety Net Project

Preventing Personnel Falls: It can effectively prevent workers or other personnel from falling from heights, reducing the occurrence of personnel casualties.
Preventing Materials From Falling: It can prevent materials or equipment from falling from heights during construction, avoiding damage to surrounding personnel and facilities.
Preventing Illegal Intrusion: Safety fence can isolate the construction site from the surrounding environment, effectively preventing illegal intrusion by unrelated personnel and reducing security issues such as theft and damage.

Anti Dust Net Project

Prevent Dust and Soil Erosion: The soil cover net can effectively fix and protect the soil, preventing soil erosion under natural factors such as strong winds and heavy rain.
Reduce Construction Costs: The anti dust net can replace traditional earthwork backfill and topsoil, reducing construction costs and difficulty.
Environmentally Friendly and Healthy: The materials used for the anti dust net are generally environmentally friendly materials such as polyester and polypropylene, and do not contain harmful substances, which are harmless to the environment and human health.

Shade Net Project

Regulate Light Intensity: Agricultural shade net can block some sunlight, regulate light intensity, prevent excessive sunlight exposure, reduce the intensity of crop photosynthesis, lower water evaporation rate, and maintain soil humidity.
Reduce Temperature: Agricultural shade net can block direct sunlight, lower temperature, reduce crop transpiration, avoid excessive evaporation, maintain soil humidity, and improve crop growth rate and yield.
Windproof and Sand Fixation: It can prevent wind and sand erosion, protect crop growth, and effectively prevent wind and sand erosion and soil fixation, especially in some desertified areas.

Anti Bird Net

Prevent Bird Damage: Plastic bird netting can effectively prevent bird damage and loss of crops, reduce risks and costs in agricultural production, and ensure crop growth and yield.
Protect Fruits: Plastic bird netting can prevent birds from pecking at fruits, protect the integrity and quality of fruits, and improve the quality and market competitiveness of crops.

​Anti Hail Net Project

Prevent Hail Damage: Agricultural plastic anti hail netting can effectively prevent hail from striking and damaging crops, protecting crop growth and yield.
Reduce Agricultural Production Costs: The use of agricultural plastic anti hail netting can reduce risks and losses in agricultural production, reducing economic losses and agricultural production costs caused by hail.
Improve Agricultural Product Quality: Agricultural plastic anti hail netting can prevent hail from damaging agricultural products, ensuring the integrity and quality of agricultural products and improving their market competitiveness.

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